Berlin Groove

Who says that cool moves come only from the teens and twens ? BS, I say, not only after we accompanied our son to its dance-lesson-exam ball, and were shocked that all of his generation stood shy and helpless along the walls, whereas their parents like us were dancing the whole night through.

But here comes the ultimate proof: A local Berlin entertainer, with not so juvenile shape and some silver in his hair is doing the ultimate groove on the streets of East Berlin. The places between the Prenzlauer Berg and the Barn-Quatier in Mitte have not so much changed, since I went home there a quater century ago.


(Solomun: “Kackvogel” featuring Friedrich Liechtenstein)

I think it’s a pitty that they have not revealed who was behind this Bear mask. It would be cool if Mr.Liechtenstein ripps off the mask and discovers the face of the red dressed girl who was dancing on the opposite of the road before.

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