Monthly Archives: Januar 2016

Sunday morning anti-religious service

It is Sunday morning, and as every time I just passed along the church (while doing the walk with our dog), that only during these 2 hours is open and visited by the people from the village around. They use to “fulfill” their christian duty, by gathering there for the catholic service, listen to a speach by the priest (who,… (more…)

Nothing makes one so sexy as success – JOY, the movie

I have to admitt, there is no doubt: Nigeria or India might produce more movies than any other nation, and maybe in France or Italy the national cinematography is more recognised as part of their cultural identity, and in Germany movie production perhaps receives higher state sponsoreship than anywhere else. But when it comes to creativity and quality, nothing can… (more…)

No fun any more

I don’t know if I ever understoud what FUN is. I can go swimming in a crisp river, or clime a mountain, of ride through the golden fields. I can enjoy this really deep inside. I would not call this fun. I enjoy reading great novels, and I feel a deep intellectual pleasure. Is this fun ? I can get… (more…)