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Lars Gustafsson, Music and a wrong Mail-Address

Dear Michael Yesterday was a wonderful day, I went to Salzburg with chrysi and some other flatmates.Today I just rested. So you were in the institute. Actually it is not that hot in the guesthouse. Just sometimes. Thank you for the suggestion of going to the castle though, you really like the castle! I think you are sending to the… (more…)

A Castle at the Beach

Dear Ghazal, I hope you had a nice day today. In case you want to go swimming, there are two lakes that are pretty clean. One is in Feldmoching, the other in Fasanerie. I also saw one on the map in Unterschleissheim, but don”t know it myself. According to the map, there should be a beach too. I have something… (more…)

Ladies Football Team

Hi Ghazal, I completely forgot that on Monday all museums in Germany are closed , including the castle Oberschleissheim. Therefore we have to postpone our visit to it. I probably wont come to the institute today at all, since we got relatives visiting us unexpectedly. I hope you are not too disapointed to hear this, but we can go to… (more…)