Monthly Archives: Februar 2012

Iranian movies attract greater international attention

Dearest Ghazal, Before the 2012 Oscar will be awarded on February 26th to the different categories of cinematography, I would like to say something about the state of the Iranian Cinema. This year, the highly acclaimed masterpiece “Nader and Simin – A separation” by the prominent Iranian film-maker Asghar Farhadi is nominated as the best non-english movie and for the… (more…)

Persian Drag Queens

Dear Ghazal, In general I don’t like to send or forward uncommented videos or photographs. But the following one is just so funny, I think any additional words would just spoil it. Enjoy, Take Care, Michael PS: the video has recently be blocked by youtube or classified as “privat”. Thats too bad, cause it was nice, funny, and not offencive… (more…)

To ‘think outside the box,’ think outside the box

Dear Michael, I finally gave my talk about my MSc project today at an institutes seminar. The title “Genetic factors associated with radio-iodine uptake in mice” attracted a few peoples interest, and after I finished my talk they started a discussion about the link between radioiodine uptake in the fetal thyroid gland and the risk to develop thyroid cancer later… (more…)