Persian Drag Queens

Dear Ghazal,
In general I don’t like to send or forward uncommented videos or photographs. But the following one is just so funny, I think any additional words would just spoil it.

Persian Drag Queens

Enjoy, Take Care, Michael

PS: the video has recently be blocked by youtube or classified as “privat”. Thats too bad, cause it was nice, funny, and not offencive at all


Hi Michael,

Drag Queens are cult. Makes me smile. I love how they perform. Do you also think that transvestites very often look more attractive then real woman ?

Shava, however complained about the jokes they did in the video about big noses ! She insisted that big noses are beautiful,
that they are precious, that they give character and are a sign of  strong personality.

But now big noses become an endangered species in Iran. Because its the easiest and most
profitable operation for the plastic surgeons. Shava said people who have their big nose reduced should better be send  to
a neurosurgeon to get a Brain bypass operation.

I hope everything is fine  with you,

Take Care



Ghazal my dear,

First of all, I have to say how much I agree with Shavas opinion regarding big noses.It always makes me very sad to hear
that people can be ashamed of their sharp noses. The attempt to
“correct” it to resemble japanese manga figures is a regrettable and
irreversible damage to the personality. Large, sharp noses were always
seen as a reflection of a strong character. Therefore it does not come
as a surprise they are so common among the Iranians.

In many mythologies the nose was even considered to be the breathing organ of the human soul. Therefor invading troops in ancient times used to break off the noses
off statues that portrayed the local gods and goddesses. They thought that this way they can destroy their power. 

What comes as a relief: a corrected nose can not be inherited to the
next generation. Size of the nose is largely genetically determined (i.e. by fixed DNA variations that are differently distributed among different ethnic groups). Therefore, the iranian people, even if they have their large noses reduced by plastic surgery,  will transmit their original size as a
genetic treasure to the next generations. Tell Shava that hope is in sight. The attempt to improve its own chances on the hunt for a partner by “correcting” ones nose has even a long-term effect that causes even more large noses in Iran. It is simply by increasing the chance of woman with (genetically large/surgically small) noses to find one or more partner to have children with. Therefor the natural selection for genetically small noses is fooled, since the eyes cannot see whats hidden in the genes. Befor plastic surgery, partnership preference for small noses would have really caused continious loss of the large-nose-genes with the dangerous consequence of (as Shava called it) large noses becoming an endangered species. With the advent of plastic surgery, however, sexual selection against large noses does not work any more. Therefor, large noses are not lost, but rather hidden in our genes for future generations.

Take Care, my Dear  (and take care of your beautiful nose. If any moron makes silly comments about it, print out this post and stick it him on his forehead !!!)



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