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Sunlight and the genetics of skin pigmentation

Dear Ghazal, Do you remember that we once talked about UV-exposure and skin pigmentation ? You send in November some papers about it, and how this is regulated. There is an other aspect, and this relates to inherited genetic differences (i.e. a problem that is similar to your MSc project and the search for germline variations). Recently I found an… (more…)

Max Speed Driving Home

Dear Ghazal, Are you still awake ? It would be fair enough to escape this grey evening into morpheus empire (as an explanation for us and all other atheists : morpheus was the god of dreams and sleep in greek mythology). I probably will watch a movie tonight in TV, therefor I stay up. Movie is called Brokeback Mountain, maybe… (more…)

Swedish Guide through IKEA

Dear Ghazal, You probably filled your apartment already with the vanilla smell coming from the scent candle. Be carefull you don”t fall asleep with the candle still burning !!! Was Chrysi satisfied with the pillow ? I was really amazed when I saw you testing the quality of the different cushions at the IKEA store. It so much reminded me… (more…)

Night Mail

Hi Ghazal my dear, Thanks for the messsage, it really enlightened this dark and grey evening for me. To be honest, if I read your words, no matter what they say, it seems I can hear your voice, and this is more than the pure exchange of information. Also, when you write that music by Sade suits your taste best,… (more…)

Asa, Sade and McLaughlin, de Lucia, Al di Meola

Hi! The music you gave me was not the type of music i usually listen to. Friday night in san francisco…. it was only intruments??right? I have never heard it before. Asa and Sade. I liked Sade more. Some of Sades songs i liked actually. they were calm and nice. so i guess hmm.. that sade is from the new… (more…)

Cat got used to bad Weather

Dear dr. R, Thank you for being so helpfull and kind! I am used to this weather so its no problem for me:) Its just that I did not have any labwork to do today just reading so I thought I concentrate better at home on the reading. I have read some of your articles. Hope it is okay that… (more…)

Under a Grey Sky

Dear Ghazal, I hope you are doing fine. I guess the rainy weather discouraged you from coming today. There were only very few people around here anyway. The canteen was also closed, but we called for some pizza. I prepared everything for your contract today (not the guest-contract, but one as a student technician, so you will have a salary).… (more…)