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Mohammad Rasoulof presents his movie “Be Omid E Didar” at Berlin Film-Festival

When the Berlin Independent Film-Festival AROUND THE WORLD IN 14 FILMS is going to present again 14 extraordinary movies by young film-makers, the Iranian art of cinematografie will be represented by film-director Mohammad Rasoulof. Rasoulof, whos movie “Bé omid é didar“already received an award at this years Cannes Film-Festival, will be present at the Babylon movie-theater on November 30th himself.… (more…)

Schah-Nameh. Heroic Times.

EXHIBITION IN BERLIN PRESENTS FERDOUSIS “BOOK OF THE KINGS” (opened till June18th 2011) In 2010 the world celebrated the tenth centenary of the completion of the Persian “Book of Kings”. Composed of more than 50,000 rhyming couplets, the “Shah-Nameh” is one of the greatest epics in the history of world literature. It is approximately twice as long as Homer”s epics… (more…)

Lang Lebe das Freie Berlin (Lars Gustafsson)

Diesen Montag, genau 2o Jahre nach dem sogenannten Fall der Mauer (oder “Mauersturz” wie es im Schwedischen genannt wird) endet ein ganzes Jahr voller Erinnerungsveranstaltungen, mit extra dafür geschriebenen Büchern, mit Augenzeugeberichten, Ausstellungen und jetzt mit einer Reihe von Konzerten. Und diese Veranstaltungen werden sämtlichst an historischen Orten stattfinden: Auf dem Platz vor dem Reichstag, am Brandeburger Tor und auf… (more…)

Rewiring the Connection

Hi Ghazal, my dear, When I received your e-mail tonight I realized that I must be a bit more careful in asking you for a favor. It was so nice that you helped me with the article by Gustafsson, but I feel guilty now that you spend your free time of the weekend for this. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no… (more…)

Lars Gustafsson says “Long lives free Berlin”

Dear Ghazal, I hope you have a nice weekend. Have you planned something ? In case you have a free minute, you might do me a little favor. There is an swedish writer, Lars Gustafsson, whom I like a lot and read everything available (some experts think, that he should be the next nobel prize winner for literature). He also… (more…)

from Berlin with Love

Hi Ghazal, This short letter comes to you from my visit to Berlin. It”s a bit rainy here, but the city doesn”t lose its charme even if it”s grey. I hope you will find time during the few month of your project to visit Berlin and its cultural wealth. I hope you have a good time in Schweden and will… (more…)