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Ich bin ein Berliner (says Nofretete)

Hello, my name is Nofretete, and I was born in Luxor in Egypt. 1912 some archeologists recovered me from this dark grave in the earth and brought me back to light. I, who together with my beloved husband Echnaton were so much fascinated by the divine nature of the sun had to spend 3400 years in the dark. When I… (more…)

White dog listens to white rabbit

Ivo, when we rescued you in the 2006 hot summer from a waste bin in the Bulgarian mountains, who could ever think that you will once appear in a music video for Jefferson Airplanes “White Rabbit”. (The music might sound a bit weird, I tried to slightly raise the key and increased the pace, hoping that this way it might… (more…)

What means “Ey Vay” ?

At university I had a very good friend from Jordan. He was palestine, much younger than the rest of us physics students and extremely gifted. But he did not only had an extraordinary mathematical talent, he was also very familial with classical european music and literature. On the other hand, he had a very firm opinion about Israel, whom he… (more…)

Orbituary: Blake Edwards

Hi Michael, When I heard today that Blake Edwards, the congenial director of “Breakfast at Tiffanys” died, I got very sad. My hope for a continuation of this nice movie wont become true any more. Could you imagine how the beautiful, sad story of Hollie Golightly and Paul Varseck continues ? How would they proceed, after their final kiss on… (more…)

The Great Garbo

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Thanks for your nocturnal e-mail, for every single word. We had a big meeting in the helmholtz-center yesterday night, it was on the occasion of fusing four institutes into a Department of Radiation Research. It was a big reception, but it was very political (what is not my favorite). I came home quite late, and the… (more…)

The scale of relaxation

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Thanks a lot for writing and for keeping me up-to-date about your progress in relaxing. Do you have like a scale of relaxation ? Like starting at October 27 (after your exam) with 0%, and now already reaching 95% to finally come close to 100% at the end of the year (and then stay on this… (more…)

Our short and precious life

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Don”t want to disturbe you, my Dear, I guess you are busy. You said on our way to the guesthouse, that you were not satisfied with your results today, and that mine were looking better. This, Ghazal was a sheer chance event. What is important, that on the long run we are doing well together. You… (more…)

Nocturnal dialog on molecular biology

8:32 p.m. Ghazal my Dear, Have a look at the gel. Are you happy with it ? I promise I did not manipulate anything on it: no make-up, no hair dye, mascara, no plastic surgery. It is real, and therefore it is beautiful (just like you are). M. PS: RNA I”ll tell you in a moment. Stay tuned !!!! ——————————————————————————————————–… (more…)

For Ghazal, the Scientist and for Ghazal, the Angel

Ghazal my Dear, Are you still awake ? Do you have another conflict with some insects ? I”ll drive by the guesthouse, and if there is still light behind your window, I call from downstairs. If not, I”ll go back. M. …………………………………………………………………………………… Ghazal my Dear, I whished we could stay there sitting and chatting untill the moon disappears in the… (more…)

Unicorn and the blue-eyed camel

10 min after midnight he could not wait any longer for the long over-due end-of-the-day message from her. He left the house, the family, the dog and the garden behind and drove to her, ignoring most of the red traffic-lights and speed limits. After a 15 min race from the very east to the very north of this town, a… (more…)