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Why a great Swedish author can not get the Nobel prize

Dear Michael, Do you remember that you promised me last year that I will become famous for the translation I did of this essay by Lars Gustafsson, about the Berlin Wall ? You told me that Gustafsson will probably receive one of the next Nobel prizes for literature. I had to remember your prognosis today, when on my walk through… (more…)

The Great Garbo

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Thanks for your nocturnal e-mail, for every single word. We had a big meeting in the helmholtz-center yesterday night, it was on the occasion of fusing four institutes into a Department of Radiation Research. It was a big reception, but it was very political (what is not my favorite). I came home quite late, and the… (more…)

Lang Lebe das Freie Berlin (Lars Gustafsson)

Diesen Montag, genau 2o Jahre nach dem sogenannten Fall der Mauer (oder “Mauersturz” wie es im Schwedischen genannt wird) endet ein ganzes Jahr voller Erinnerungsveranstaltungen, mit extra dafür geschriebenen Büchern, mit Augenzeugeberichten, Ausstellungen und jetzt mit einer Reihe von Konzerten. Und diese Veranstaltungen werden sämtlichst an historischen Orten stattfinden: Auf dem Platz vor dem Reichstag, am Brandeburger Tor und auf… (more…)

Meteors and Walls – both fall down in November

Dear Ghazal, Befor too much time passes away, I further translated the text by Lars Gustafsson (which you brought into English some month ago) and put a german version on my blog. I also send it to Mr. Gustafsson, maybe he uses it further. Do you also want your english version have it published ? The reason I did it… (more…)

Self-reflecting letter and the potential of Woodoo

Hi Ghazal, Do you enjoy the time at home ? What a question, of course you do. Today is the first day that the rain stoped here in Munich. I think that there is just no water left in the atmosphere, it is probably dried out now and we might see the rest of the summer only dry earth and… (more…)

Books and Food

Dear Ghazal, It would be a blunt lie to say that I only write you now to check if my computer finally understands that there is a difference between an _ and an . in your mail address. I checked today which e-mails were sent to this wrong address over the last weeks, and these were probably about 10. If… (more…)

Rewiring the Connection

Hi Ghazal, my dear, When I received your e-mail tonight I realized that I must be a bit more careful in asking you for a favor. It was so nice that you helped me with the article by Gustafsson, but I feel guilty now that you spend your free time of the weekend for this. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no… (more…)

Lars Gustafsson, Music and a wrong Mail-Address

Dear Michael Yesterday was a wonderful day, I went to Salzburg with chrysi and some other flatmates.Today I just rested. So you were in the institute. Actually it is not that hot in the guesthouse. Just sometimes. Thank you for the suggestion of going to the castle though, you really like the castle! I think you are sending to the… (more…)

Lars Gustafsson says “Long lives free Berlin”

Dear Ghazal, I hope you have a nice weekend. Have you planned something ? In case you have a free minute, you might do me a little favor. There is an swedish writer, Lars Gustafsson, whom I like a lot and read everything available (some experts think, that he should be the next nobel prize winner for literature). He also… (more…)