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An Oxford Accident

Hi Michael, now that I received my licentiate degree, and the days got very short in Sweden at the Yalda feast, I am frequently again spending the evenings in my moms home, watching movies. We use to select movies in alternating order, one day it’s me bringing a rather novel film, another day mom suggests one that she knows from… (more…)

The way to catch your audience’ interest

At the annual Mouse Molecular Genetics conference at the Sanger Center in Hinxton. Some of the presentations seem to attract more attention by the audience than others, and this not only depends on the originality of the subject or the wealth of novel results. Not completely unexpected, speakers also had quite different presentation styles. Some were giving their presentation while… (more…)


Dear Michael, All the big stars, i.e. those with a mass exceeding the sun’s mass by a factor of 1.3, gain most of their energy by a hydrogen-fusion reaction that involves a catalytic cycle, known as the Bethe-Weizsäcker or CNO-cycle. During this reaction cycle,  protons (i.e. hydrogen nuclei) are added four times into a cycling reaction that converts carbon through… (more…)

The Empress and Me – Farah Diba in the eyes of an exiled Iranian Filmmaker

Nahid Persson-Sarvestani, a former activist of the student branch of the Tudeh party and in the late 70s among the demonstrators against Shah Reza Pahlevi, now lives in Sweden as a film-director. In her 3 parts documentary, she interviews Farah Diba, the last empress of Iran, who now lives in exil in Paris. part 1 part 2 part 3 Farah… (more…)

Natural Confusion

Ghazal my dear, I hope you don”t mind me adding to our long lasting conversation and exchange of ideas some external thoughts. A witty blogger at Iranian.com (called ComraidsConcubine) posted this dialogue and therefore in a most intelligent way paraphrased the wide-spread ignorance about nations and cultures. If you want to read more of Comraids Concubine thoughts, go to her… (more…)

ELIZA – The Intelligent Answering Machine

Dear Michael, sometimes I wonder if we don”t trust too much in the electronic communication, when one person writes some words to another person thousands of km away, and these words are converted into a sequence of bits and rush through computer chips and are converted into electric pulses or light waves, send back and forth to satellites until they… (more…)

Nocturnal dialog on molecular biology

8:32 p.m. Ghazal my Dear, Have a look at the gel. Are you happy with it ? I promise I did not manipulate anything on it: no make-up, no hair dye, mascara, no plastic surgery. It is real, and therefore it is beautiful (just like you are). M. PS: RNA I”ll tell you in a moment. Stay tuned !!!! ——————————————————————————————————–… (more…)

Rapid Eye Movement

Ghazal, my Dear, how are you ? I came back from Pathology only at 5 p.m., too late to say bye to you. Therefore the only thing for me to do was to have a last look at the transfected cells (which were nicely red) and said “see you tomorrow, my faithful friends”. Of course it is much easier to… (more…)

Nocturnal thoughts

Hi Ghazal my Dear, It is always difficult for me to drop you at the end of the day in front of the guesthouse and drive away, but I think it is better for you to recover. I already exploited so much of your emotions during the evening. I hope, that it was not just me who enjoyed it (very… (more…)

Silent Message

Hi Ghazal, Why are you so silent ? Are you such busy ? Or have I done something wrong ? Send a short mail, please, so I know you are alright. Life is too short to be angry for more than 5 minutes, you know. Have a nice evening, a relaxing night and a bright morning. Yours Michael ………………………………………………………………………………. Hi… (more…)