Monthly Archives: Oktober 2010

The scale of relaxation

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Thanks a lot for writing and for keeping me up-to-date about your progress in relaxing. Do you have like a scale of relaxation ? Like starting at October 27 (after your exam) with 0%, and now already reaching 95% to finally come close to 100% at the end of the year (and then stay on this… (more…)

Baby you can drive my 007 Aston Martin

Hi Michael, I came home yesterday, at night. Everything went good and I passed. I think the half-moon brought me luck. Thank you for all your help. I dont think anyone understood my project really, only one professor was asking me questions, but it was only some questions about the graphs. Hope everything is fine with you. take care /ghazal… (more…)

Rose Blossom

Ghazal, my Dear, You may have not recognized, how happy you have been today. With every single detail of your thesis that you corrected and improved, with every minor spelling mistake or format problem that you could eliminate, your relaxed smile that was rarely visible during the last weeks returned step by step. It seemed as if a rose that… (more…)

Discovery of a habitable planet (also for horses ?)

Ghazal, my Dear, What a funny coincidence that today, just a couple of days after you speculated about finding a house for us on the moon astronomers from Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C announced the discovery of the first extra-terrestrial habitable planet in the universe. For sure, the moon is much closer to the earth, to your family… (more…)