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Messages on Meteorites

Ghazal Dear, You might have already forgotten how scepticial you were about the existence of “Stjaernfallen” or meteorites 3 years ago. But when we were spotting some of them from Persides meteor shower later in August, you agreed that at least it was a great event and that it was worth to spent half of the night out under the… (more…)

The Moon — one year later, but more than one year elder

Ghazal my dear, What is age, and what is aging, if everyone uses a different measure for this. This came to my mind when I did another picture of the moon tonight. Tonight it was once again the night of the Persides meteor shower. But since nothing could top the spectacular meteor that we saw together with you at the… (more…)

A Joint Meteor Party

Hi Ghazal my Dear, You recently raised the issue of spotting simultaneously the same meteor from your place in Stockholm and from here in Munich. It appears it is not as simple as you thought, since you cannot compare it with the moon, sun or stars that, if they are high enough always look the same from here and from… (more…)

Meteors and Walls – both fall down in November

Dear Ghazal, Befor too much time passes away, I further translated the text by Lars Gustafsson (which you brought into English some month ago) and put a german version on my blog. I also send it to Mr. Gustafsson, maybe he uses it further. Do you also want your english version have it published ? The reason I did it… (more…)

For Ghazal, the Scientist and for Ghazal, the Angel

Ghazal my Dear, Are you still awake ? Do you have another conflict with some insects ? I”ll drive by the guesthouse, and if there is still light behind your window, I call from downstairs. If not, I”ll go back. M. …………………………………………………………………………………… Ghazal my Dear, I whished we could stay there sitting and chatting untill the moon disappears in the… (more…)

Beach without you

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, I hope you are doing well and feel o.k. Is it quiet now in the Lab ? Usually this is the best time to concentrate on the project. I hope so much that you find some intellectual satisfaction with the project and not have to consider it as a hard burden and a duty to fulfill.… (more…)

Spot the Stjaernfallen next week

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Don”t know were you spend the evening tonight, but I”d like to remind you of the Perseiden Stjaernfallen that are most prominent these days. I think to watch them is also a good remedy for the sadness that one usually gets before beloved people leave. Since the next two days might be quite cloudy, I think… (more…)

Stjaernfall and Full Moon

Ghazal, my Dear, It is fair enough to be as sceptical as you have been today at the bus-stop, when I announced you the heavy meteor-shower (or stjärnfall in swedish) that will happen in August. I mean you have to be sceptical if somebody tries to tell you funny story, because you are a scientist and therefore should only trust… (more…)