Stjaernfall and Full Moon

Ghazal, my Dear,

It is fair enough to be as sceptical as you have been today at the bus-stop, when I announced you the heavy meteor-shower (or stjärnfall in swedish) that will happen in August.
I mean you have to be sceptical if somebody tries to tell you funny story, because you are a scientist and therefore should only trust your own observations.

But now you also have to give me the chance to show you real evidence of the meteors, which will definitly be plenty falling on August 12th. As a first foretaste, have a look at this article in wikipedia

But Ghazal, no chance to tell me you are already convinced now by the article. You”ve had your chance to trust me, you have not used it, you decided to laugh on me. Now you have to give me the chance to show you the meteors in real life. August 12th (the day with the projected highest meteor frquency) will be a Thursday in two weeks time. Sunset will be at 8.35 p.m., therefore at 9 o”clock we should nicely see the first “stjärn fallen”. By the way, according to popular mythology you can express a wish if you see one. You should, however, not tell anybody else about it. I don”t know what happens, if two people have two contradictory wishes at one and the same meteor ? Maybe the meteor than tries to find an arrangement that could satisfy both or maybe the meteor breaks apart and continues as two separate fragments (what indeed can be observed occasionally).

I wish you a good night, hope you can sleep in spite of the full moon.

Take Care, my Dear



You asked in your yesterdays e-mail “….fallen in love? hope that this change in you are a good change for your life.”
My firm believ is that love is always good. It is somethink special and precious, and it means to see somebody as an other human beeing absolutely unique and not replaceable by anybody else. The other person whom you love becomes more and more a part of yourself, you are always trying to see and judge life and the world through the imaginary eyes of the other person. You think that without the other person you are only half a man. In this sense, it is much much more than to feel sympathy for somebody or to say “I like somebody”. I mean you can like many people, you can like a whole nation if you want. But you impossibly can love a whole nation. Therefore, when american singers shout from the stage “I love you” to the entire audience, I find it weared.
If you ask me, what the hell I”m thinking I am to fall in love to you, Ghazal, I have to say that I had no choice. But I also did not actively tried to fight against it.
I know I have no chance other than trying to sublimate in words or a Blog or a book what I feel.


Ghazal, my Dear,

I hope the postscriptum of my e-mail has not upset or even offended you. I”m very rarely speak to somebody as openly as to you, because I think you understand and you don”t bear this load of social stereotypes, psychological prejudices and political correctnesses.
Your judgements are sometimes absolutely unexpected to me, really funny, but they come from an honest heart, they are not intended to present you in a particular light.

Please don”t forget to send me some nice thoughts before you go to bed. There is still full moon tonight, but as much as I can see, the cloudes are even heavier than yesterday. I will continue to watch out, usually the moon rises highest around 1 at night. If it will be nicely visible then, I”ll come around and wake you up.
Is this o.k. ? (Don”t worry, Ghazal, I won”t come unless invited).

Take Care my Dear


hi michael,

i was sleeping sorry. i will continue to sleep now. :-) so i will miss the full moon. but its fine. i still have your picture from yesterday.

i will read about stjärnfall, seems interesting.

have agood night! sleep good.


Sleep well my dear ! Next chance to see the full moon in exactly one month time.

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  1. vimax says:

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