Monthly Archives: Juli 2012

Passion for long words

Ghazal my Dear, When we met two years ago and exchanged e-mails and messages after work, I was initially worried why you write everything in this short format, like an emergency SMS. This was such a contrast to the endless sentences I got used to write to you. You asked me what would be the longest word I could imagine,… (more…)

Kim Jong-Un, the King of Rock’n Roll

For all those who still had doubts that the King of Rock’n Roll is still alive: Here is the proof that Elvis Presley is doing quite well, and will start his comback soon in the first North-Korean Hard-Rock Cafe. Thanks to ground breaking medical rejuvenating methods in the country, the King looks younger than ever. Rumors have it that Kim… (more…)

Island in the Stream

  Ghazal my Dear, do you recall this place ? It was dark at night two years ago, and we had a camp fire there, and the river had less water, so we could enter what now looks like an island. You tough me the arts of flipping flat pebbles over the water surface, and when we went home later… (more…)