Monthly Archives: März 2011

Norooz Full Moon

Dear Ghazal, Thanks a lot for writing right away. The parcel was supposed to be a gift for Norooz, one of the “Haft Seen” you described in your Norooz-presentation. For some reason, DHL could not deliver the parcel to your address (Sturgrand 7, 16199 Enskedebergen). I think that DHL is stupid, or maybe I put a wrong label on the… (more…)

Arthur Brown aka Haji Firuz is doing the Norooz fire dance

Dear Ghazal, On the occasion of the persian new-year, I”d like to send you some music. Zoroastrian philosophy not only inspired Friedrich Nietzsche to write his central opus “Thus spoke Zarathustra”, but contemporary rock singers were equally influenced by this ancient faith. The idea that a divine spirit is present in nature, and it shows up in phenomenons such as… (more…)

Ascending Moon above Munich Skyline

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you are doing well with everything, with your PhD project and the project of your life (the later I always consider much more important, of course). Did you celebrate 8th of march in Sweden, the international womans day ? It is supposed to be to honour all working woman, therefore you deserve some congratulations as… (more…)

What means “Ey Vay” ?

At university I had a very good friend from Jordan. He was palestine, much younger than the rest of us physics students and extremely gifted. But he did not only had an extraordinary mathematical talent, he was also very familial with classical european music and literature. On the other hand, he had a very firm opinion about Israel, whom he… (more…)