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For my colleague from Israel it was a matter of faith, when he warned me that going to the lab on a Saturday wont be favored by God. Yes I know, I said to him, but first of all I am an bloody atheist, and second this super-ambitious student in my group occupies the RealTime PCR machine every day of… (more…)

Sade in Munich (prenatal)

Hi Michael, I have recently been back to Munich for a conference. It was a pity we did not met there. But guess what, on my flight from Stockholm we had these on-seat entertainment systems. I was browsing through the music-clips, and found one by Sade. It reminded me of her songs that we were listening together in your car… (more…)

The Moon — one year later, but more than one year elder

Ghazal my dear, What is age, and what is aging, if everyone uses a different measure for this. This came to my mind when I did another picture of the moon tonight. Tonight it was once again the night of the Persides meteor shower. But since nothing could top the spectacular meteor that we saw together with you at the… (more…)

The gels you left behind are still fine

Dear Ghazal, It is a rainy Friday today (the americans would say its a “vanilla sky”). I hope you are o.k., hope my last e-mail was not too frustrating. As I told you, there are still plenty of things in the world that are amazing. For instance this one: I tried to detect a new Rb1 promotor variation today, and… (more…)

The Velocity of Time (and how we experience it)

Hi michael, okay, so 4 institutes will go together and become the department of radiation research? which institutes are these? the movie that you mentioned i have never seen before. Gustafsson is a very common name.  time pass to fast, unbelivable. just enjoying the free days that i have left. hope time goes slow!  hope you had a good weekend. /ghazal  …………………………………………………………………………………………………. Hi… (more…)

Discovery of a habitable planet (also for horses ?)

Ghazal, my Dear, What a funny coincidence that today, just a couple of days after you speculated about finding a house for us on the moon astronomers from Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C announced the discovery of the first extra-terrestrial habitable planet in the universe. For sure, the moon is much closer to the earth, to your family… (more…)

Quantum Entanglement, Dogs and the Problem of Longitude

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you didn” got lost on your Random Walk (swedish “Slump Promenade”) through the Olympia shopping mall. The swedish “Slump” (for Randomness) is really a very, very strange word, isn”t it. And in research, randomness is always what we like to minimize because it tends to obscure our observations, which we would like so much to… (more…)

Time Shift and Crystals

Ghazal, my dear, what can I say ? Your watch indeed runs pretty slow. I opened it yesterday night to clean it (but of course it was extremely clean from the inside). Between midnight and now, 8 a.m., it lost again about 3 minutes. When you told me your observation that it regularily loses about 15 minutes per day, I… (more…)