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Tomatoes – from all around the world

Dear Ghazal, I think one of the best souvenirs one can bring home from a journey are plants. Knowing how easy it is to grow tomatoes from seeds, I am constantly on the hunt for some variants from other countries. In particular I like to collect the seeds from the ripe fruits themself, be it from a salat dish in… (more…)

Shopping and Raving in Munich – Burkas wellcome

Ghazal Dear, I still regret that you have been so much occupied with shopping here in Munich, but we never used any of the fine occasions to go out to one of the music clubs in town (except for the Bayerischer Hof Nightclub).  This year many of the Munich clubs announced their parties, and I think they might attract at… (more…)

The Dark Side of Humor: Seizure induced by Laughing

Dear Ghazal, well, didn’t we finally agreed at least on this very subject:  that however difficult life might be and how long it can take before our efforts in research pay out, threre is always one measure to keep us from giving up. I am talking about human laughter. And it was not only Aristoteles who described human laughter as… (more…)

The Revolution devours its Children: Tehran 1981

Dear Michael, quite a few of Iranian expats living here in Stockholm and other Swedish places are former members or supporters of the left wing political factions. During the time of the last Shah (Reza Pahlevi) they were  sympathic with a progressive or even socialist future for the country. It was in fact their political activities as members of Tudeh… (more…)


Dear Michael, next week a scientific workshop on “Epigenetic factors in Radiation Biology” will be held at stockholm University. I am involved in its organistion. I’m wondering if you will attend the meeting ? Some really good speakers were invited, and I think it’ll be fun. Take Care /ghazal ————————————————————— Ghazal Dear, Thanks a lot for the information. I already… (more…)

Sade in Munich (prenatal)

Hi Michael, I have recently been back to Munich for a conference. It was a pity we did not met there. But guess what, on my flight from Stockholm we had these on-seat entertainment systems. I was browsing through the music-clips, and found one by Sade. It reminded me of her songs that we were listening together in your car… (more…)

Messages on Meteorites

Ghazal Dear, You might have already forgotten how scepticial you were about the existence of “Stjaernfallen” or meteorites 3 years ago. But when we were spotting some of them from Persides meteor shower later in August, you agreed that at least it was a great event and that it was worth to spent half of the night out under the… (more…)