Dear Michael, next week a scientific workshop on “Epigenetic factors in Radiation Biology” will be held at stockholm University. I am involved in its organistion. I’m wondering if you will attend the meeting ? Some really good speakers were invited, and I think it’ll be fun.

Take Care

Ghazal Dear, Thanks a lot for the information. I already received an invitation to the workshop a couple of month ago from M. But I decided to send Y. to present our studies there. You know my reservations to travel to northern countries. In fact there would be only three cases that would be worth for me to visit Sweden.
- A reunion concert of ABBA,
- they award me the Nobel price
- (I tell you later).

good luck with the meeting

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  1. ghazal says:

    Dear Michael, Sweden changed a lot this year. Maybe its because of the global warming, but we have a rather warm spring now. So if your reservation to travel north has to do with the cold, let me assure you this is no reason any more.
    Take CAre

  2. admin says:

    Dear Ghazal, Sure, I believe that the global climate change provided Sweden with higher temperatures. But coldness was never my main concern: I always enjoy winter, even to go out for Swimming. But I am so desperate for sun, in particular now in spring time, that I’m afraid Sweden might appear now as February or March here in the South. And as long as the position of the earth axis does not change (and I guess it never will because of the physical law of the conservation of the angular momentum), even climate change wont help.
    Btw., the distance from here to there of 1300 km is in a direct north to south direction.
    But who knows, maybe sooner than anticipated one of the three reasons I considered above will happen.

    best greetings, my Dear

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