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Life and Politics

Hi Ghazal my Dear, I have to confess that today I broke the promise that I gave to you last year in summer. I then told you that I wont go to watch any of the Stieg Larsson movies of the Millenium Triology. But since the first part of this triology (“Verblendung” or swedish “Män som hatar kvinnor”) was shown… (more…)

Meeting of the Curly Haired in Teheran

Sometimes it does not need much more than this … And who will doubt that the future of Iran lays in the hand and hearts of its young generation (پارک ملت‎ Pārk-e Mella). source: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Miscellaneous Points

Ghazal F wrote: Hi Michael, Why would anyone tell you these things. I mean you were not mean to me. you helped me alot, and I will never forget how much you helped me. The only thing that maybe was a bit hard was that you saw me more than a student and friend. So it was a bit hard… (more…)

32 years of unfreedom and violation of human rights

Todays 32nd anniversary of the islamic revolution in Iran hardly gives any reason for celebration. Initially enthusiastically welcomed by many progressive people around the world – including the socialist countries and churches – it soon became clear that this revolution brought to the iranian people anything else than freedom from corruption or an end to a totalitarian leadership. The last… (more…)

Darbareye Ely

hi michael, I did not knew before that UV-light is also essential for our body to produce vitamine D. Interesting aspect, I have to include this into my PhD-project. So maybe after UV-exposure my TK60 cells are really better of, cause they finally get some vitamine D after spending weeks in the dark incubator ? And what do you say… (more…)

Sunlight and the genetics of skin pigmentation

Dear Ghazal, Do you remember that we once talked about UV-exposure and skin pigmentation ? You send in November some papers about it, and how this is regulated. There is an other aspect, and this relates to inherited genetic differences (i.e. a problem that is similar to your MSc project and the search for germline variations). Recently I found an… (more…)