Into the Great Wide Open …

Whithout being a really big fan of “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” (they are decent musicians, with a few hits, o.k.), but their ballade “Into the Great Wide Open” is no doubt irressistible, at least in terms of the tunes. The lyrics are mainstream, with a few good phrases in, for instance “The Sky was the limit”.


Is the sky really the only limit ???  Yes, the least for human creativity, in arts, science and technology. Just see how Elon Musk has shown us not to listen to all the nay-sayers, but look for allies who join you in making your wildest dreams come real.

I will have the chance to take a three year sabbatical from our research center, during which time it will go through a mayor re-structuring. And these are my plans for the three years:

1st year: Take a lecturer position at University of California Irvine (medical stem cell research) and improve my guitar skillsGuitar-Man


2nd year:  Guest professor in Shenzhen University, China, and on weekends work as a nude model for the UK journal “The Garden”

Garten Akt

3rd year:  Work as guest research associate at the Weizman Institute in Rehovot / Israel, and develop together with the IDF an automated detectors for air-born corona-virus,


Actually, I also have an offer to lead a research group in London on cancer stem cells, but considering that I’m already working for the UK journal “The Garden” as a nude model, I probably will leave this for later.



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