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Instead of an Oscar award: 90 lashes for actress Marzieh Vafamehr

Any other country would be proud to have such a talented actress, and would probably trying to nominate her for an Oscar award. But the authorities of the IRI mullah regime in Tehran have other standards of showing their admiration. Marzieh Vafamehr, playing in the Australian movie “My Tehran for Sale” has been sentenced to 90 lashes. The actress, who… (more…)

If Franz Kafka would be a film-maker

We were out to watch the new Iranian movie “Paziraie sadeh” (MODEST RECEPTION). Movie director Mani Haghighi lets his two main characters (Laila played by Taraneh Alidoosti and Kaveh by Mani Haghighi) drive through the mountains on a random search for people, whom they can hand over buckets of bank-notes they carrie with them. The actors act very statically, I… (more…)

Forough Farrokhzad: An Iranian poetry that fell silent too soon

Recently I was invited by a friend in Munich to a reading of poetry by an Iranian writer, who died much too young in 1967, only reaching 32 years of age. Forugh Farrokhzad (1935-1967) was exceptional among woman in modern Persian literature, since only an extremely small number of Iranian women in general have achieved anything outside of the home… (more…)

The Empress and Me – Farah Diba in the eyes of an exiled Iranian Filmmaker

Nahid Persson-Sarvestani, a former activist of the student branch of the Tudeh party and in the late 70s among the demonstrators against Shah Reza Pahlevi, now lives in Sweden as a film-director. In her 3 parts documentary, she interviews Farah Diba, the last empress of Iran, who now lives in exil in Paris. part 1 part 2 part 3 Farah… (more…)

Will Keira Knightly leaves the train trough the steam ?

Many times Tolstojs novel “Anna Karenina” was brought on the cinema screens, by not so famous film directors, but with actresses who after playing the leading character became movie stars (or were movie stars before already). Sophie Marceau, Jacqueline Bisset, Vivien Leigh and of course Greta Garbo. And now, we have the pleasure to enjoy a more modern Anna Karenina,… (more…)

An unconditional love becomes political in todays Iran (“Circumstance” by Maryam Kesharvarz)

Dear Michael, you wrote some articles here at your blog and at Iranian.com about the modern Iranian cinematography. I’d like to add a movie by the young Iranian filmmaker Maryam Kesharvarz onto your list , called “Circumstances” (“Sharayet” in its persian original). I saw it recently with friends who got it on DVD, since it is not yet shown in… (more…)

Iranian movies attract greater international attention

Dearest Ghazal, Before the 2012 Oscar will be awarded on February 26th to the different categories of cinematography, I would like to say something about the state of the Iranian Cinema. This year, the highly acclaimed masterpiece “Nader and Simin – A separation” by the prominent Iranian film-maker Asghar Farhadi is nominated as the best non-english movie and for the… (more…)

A day in life

Dear Michael, from the few movie DVDs that you gave me last year in Munich, there were some that may have left a long-lasting impression. For instance “2001 – A space odyssee” and of course “Brackfast at Tiffanys”. If I would have to write a list of movies that are unforgetable for me, these two might be on it. And… (more…)

Mohammad Rasoulof presents his movie “Be Omid E Didar” at Berlin Film-Festival

When the Berlin Independent Film-Festival AROUND THE WORLD IN 14 FILMS is going to present again 14 extraordinary movies by young film-makers, the Iranian art of cinematografie will be represented by film-director Mohammad Rasoulof. Rasoulof, whos movie “Bé omid é didar“already received an award at this years Cannes Film-Festival, will be present at the Babylon movie-theater on November 30th himself.… (more…)

Lars von Trier hides anti-semitic message in his movie

Dear Michael, Have you seen “Melancholia” meanwhile ? I liked your montage of the planet above the Munich sky-line. But always if I think back to my year in your city, I remember very happy moments and a nice summer with the mountains on the horizon and green parks with fresh air and the Isar-wave surfer, the concerts we went… (more…)