Monthly Archives: Januar 2011

Relax with the kinetic sculpture

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Reading you last e-mails I got the impression that you are most excited if I send you links to some “moving pictures” (the origin of the word MOVIE, as you perhaps know). The german translation is KINO, which comes from french CINEMATOGRAPH, meaning “moving or kinetic image” and what gave rise to the english CINEMA. Why… (more…)

Social Networks and Loneliness

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you are well up, although I have not heard from you for a while. I”m afraid I might have written something confusing or unintentionally something that you felt as assaulting. We had a very emotional argument today in the institute about the value of social networks and whether each of us or even the entire… (more…)

The Green Wave

Dear Michael, How is life in Munich. Have you been to the movies recently ? You said you wanted to see “No-one knows about persian cats”, the movie about the rock-band in Teheran. We got it here from a friend of Shava in DVD. Its not exactly my most favorite style of music (a bid to rough and fast), but… (more…)

Happy New Year

Dear Ghazal, I was very relieved to read that you did not caught cold (as the cryptic text may have suggested), but that you are well up. I go to the lab approximately every second day, usually it is pretty empty there, what is good to write some stuff. The day after X-mas we went bowling, which still causes me… (more…)