Relax with the kinetic sculpture

Hi Ghazal my Dear,

Reading you last e-mails I got the impression that you are most excited if I send you links to some “moving pictures” (the origin of the word MOVIE, as you perhaps know). The german translation is KINO, which comes from french CINEMATOGRAPH, meaning “moving or kinetic image” and what gave rise to the english CINEMA.

Why I tell you all this stuff ? Not only because I remember the films we saw together here in Munich, and the nice time we had before and afterward.
There is another reason, and this I discovered last weekend at the BMW museum (can”t remember if you went there with your family or with Shava). Perhaps the most impressive object in the museum is the so-called “kinetic sculpture”, an arrangement of steel balls hanging on wires and thereby can all be individually moved up and down controlled by a machine. And this generates the most astonishing images of slowly moving 3D-sculptures.

I am almost sure, Ghazal, you will like this. And I am also sure that you work hard these days, same as you did during your MSc project here, and therefore you deserve some relaxing videos at night.

Enjoy, Take Care


As always, I hope you are doing fine and stay as nice and charming and strong as you have always been.

PS: Had a look at the swedish word for cinema, and this is Biograph. No clue what “Bio” means therein. There is a type of apple, which is called Boskoop, but this I guess is a coincidental similarity. And Cinema is written in Persian as
And here, you see, I don”t even know how this is pronounced. So many things I”d like to ask you.

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  1. Alireza_ab says:

    Hi Michael, Things are going well. I have recovered from my surgery, just waiting to remove my stitches. I did this surgery because when I was 6 a trauma had happened to my right eye and I removed my crystalline lens (natural lens) through a surgery of cataract. In any case, all along I had to wear contact lens in one eye and this has become a burden as I could only wear it for a few hours. recently after almost 29 years I was getting really bothered with that. So, I went with the idea of implanting a lens inside my eye.
    having explained that, I have got to tell you, I have no clue about the procedure so called LASIK or other laser equipped means. So, you best bet is to consult a medical dr. good luck on that.
    oh, it seems you and Ghazal were quite close connection. I hope you wife doesn””t have any objection to it.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Alireza, have a look about the lastest research on crystallines. A friend of mine here in Munich is leader in mouse models that show various defects in lens development due to crystalline mutations.
    You can read a review by him here

    The good thing for patients is: most lens problems such as cataract, coloboma or injuries are very good curable. For scientists this means, unfortunately less money will be spent for research on lens problems. Most of it now goes into studies on retina (for more difficult diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa or macula degeneration).

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