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Just an ordinary day

Came to my lab at 9.30 am, with the firm idea to finish a manuscript and work a bid on my DSc thesis, At 9.40 am my master student arrived, whom a had not seen for the last 3 month after he did his last experiments.  Two weeks ago he called to tell me that all his MSc thesis drafts… (more…)

Shopping and Raving in Munich – Burkas wellcome

Ghazal Dear, I still regret that you have been so much occupied with shopping here in Munich, but we never used any of the fine occasions to go out to one of the music clubs in town (except for the Bayerischer Hof Nightclub).  This year many of the Munich clubs announced their parties, and I think they might attract at… (more…)

That’s what we are needed for

On its concert tour through Israel a German chanson singer introduced one of his songs (about the mutual dependence of men and woman) as following: “A woman needs a man mainly for two things: First, to open the champaign bottles, and second, to explaine things.” One of his fellow musicians, a violinist girl replied after a few seconds “Hold on,… (more…)

A fine gentleman …

Dear Ghazal, If you ever heard Jimmy Hendrix giving an interview, you would not believe it is the same person as playing here “Hey Joe”, about coldblooded shooting down his Lady for adultery. In the interviews, Jimmy Hendrix appears as the most careful, educated, polite person you can imagine, even showing some shyness. Unlike contemporary musicians, he alwas tried to… (more…)

Love in the Era of Social Networking

Ghazal my Dear,About a year ago we were sitting at the bone fire on the bank of the Isar river and I was badly condeming destiny for beeing so cruel to me by sending you here, the most fascinating and inspiring person I ever met, but at an too young age to get closer with somebody like me who was… (more…)

Political Power, Sex and the 21st Century E-Communication

Anthony Weiner, highly praised democrate representative and candidate for N.Y. mayor resigned this week over his cyber-sex affair that is in the media since may. Mr Weiners activities outside his office duties, which involved sending explicit photographs of his most precious body areas to several femal followers through Twitter and Facebook are still difficult to judge in terms of their… (more…)

Natural Confusion

Ghazal my dear, I hope you don”t mind me adding to our long lasting conversation and exchange of ideas some external thoughts. A witty blogger at Iranian.com (called ComraidsConcubine) posted this dialogue and therefore in a most intelligent way paraphrased the wide-spread ignorance about nations and cultures. If you want to read more of Comraids Concubine thoughts, go to her… (more…)

The excited Explorer

hi michael, you send yesterday the article from “The Onion” about the first people on the moon. i was very shocked initially by the rude language. i could not believe that an educated person such as you reads and even circulates such a primitive conversation ? But then I reconsidered and tried to understand what the article is mainly about:… (more…)

Beach without you

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, I hope you are doing well and feel o.k. Is it quiet now in the Lab ? Usually this is the best time to concentrate on the project. I hope so much that you find some intellectual satisfaction with the project and not have to consider it as a hard burden and a duty to fulfill.… (more…)

Back to the Scrap-Yard

Ghazal, my Dear, After dropping you at the Guesthouse today, I was quarreling once again with myself for having missed the opportunity to kiss you. It was silly, I know, in particular after I made this terrible observation at a scrap-yard for cars. There I found the remnants of a red Toyota Corolla, that had its upper part shaved away… (more…)