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Third anniversary of the Tehran students protests

2009 was a year of great hope for a democratic change in Iran, followed by the the worst nightmare of state-sponsored violence against the democratic movement. Many of the progressive and brave students who rallied for the democratic candidates Mir Hussein Moussavi and Karoubi were beaten on the streets, arrested and tortured in Evin prison, banned from continuing their studies… (more…)

Servus and Salam

When Benedict Fuhrmann, 34 years old photographer realized that on his planed road-trip from Germany to Vietnam the mountains and plains of Iran marked only half of the entire distance, and after he had to spend some days on the turkish-iranian boarder to be checked, but later was invited by the boarder policemen to stay there for an hour-length tea-break,… (more…)

Geschützt: A Triumph of the Revolution and a Defeat of Love

Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.

Mehran Barati comments Tschernobyls impact on people in Tehran

Mehran Barati, exiled Iranian opposition leader made this very personal comment about the 1986 Tschernobyl accident, and how it was anticipated in Tehran. Mr. Barati, a political analyst who lives and works in Germany, left Iran in 1960 after getting into conflict with the Shah regime which took over power after the coup d’etat against the Mossadegh gouvernment. The statement… (more…)

Multilingualism and music both enhance intellectual performance

Hello Michael, My mom always told me that because me and my brother were raised simultaneously in three languages (that is Persian, Swedish and French), both of us had to split our vocal energy in three channels, whereas my Swedish pre-school mates where always slightly advanced in their single Swedish mother tongue. When we grew older, we simply considered our… (more…)