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Persian Cat rules its Empire from the Back of a Horse

Dear Michael, While I have been away in the lab,  Shava must have found a link to your blog.  When she red the short profile of persian-cat.de, she first thought that your blog is all about child stories (o.k., I have to tell you that sometimes even your posts appear a bit fairy-tale kids-style to me !!). Anyhow, Shava was… (more…)

A Night Walk at Full Moon

Hi Michael, I just arrived at home, after driving my friends home. Very tired. I sweared to myself I wont do this any more. You know what happened ? In the middle of the night, more than a kilometer away from home, my car stoped without any obvious reasons (Except for a loud noise that came from somewhere under it).… (more…)

If you can”t love him, shot him !

Ghazal my Dear, Tonight I have something very unusual to tell you. It is so unusual, because it is something commercial, about shopping and beeing happy to have found something very useful. I know you got excited now, don”t you ? You can”t stop reading any more, right ? You wan”t to know what it is, don”t you ? (You… (more…)

Books ripped to Pieces by Cats Claws

Ghazal, my dear, What can I say ? For sure you defend your position with great verve, of course you have your experience with books, I have mine. For sure, we probably read different sorts of books. Strange enough, if I would read once again the type of books that I liked when I was in your age, I probably… (more…)

A very polite Cat

Hi Ghazal, Thank you very much for your e-mail. It was a pleasure to read some words from you. Hope you had a nice day. I”ll be in the Lab tomorrow only for a few hours, at around lunch I”ll leave to see my parents in Berlin and some friends (where I stay till Wednesday). We talk tomorrow about the… (more…)

Geschützt: The mouse adores the persian cat

Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.

Cat got used to bad Weather

Dear dr. R, Thank you for being so helpfull and kind! I am used to this weather so its no problem for me:) Its just that I did not have any labwork to do today just reading so I thought I concentrate better at home on the reading. I have read some of your articles. Hope it is okay that… (more…)