Monthly Archives: Juni 2013

Is Rouhani the new Khatami

Dear Ghazal, If there is really change to come in Iran, only time will tell. At the moment only names have been replaced by other names. But what is very important (I think Naj already mentioend this some days ago) that the people have expressed their desire for a change in policies. They gave their votes to the candidate who… (more…)

Elections in Iran – Facts, Faces, Folks

Yet the official results are not announced, but this time the Iranian officials have a valid explanation for this: against all forcasts, the 2013 ballots were frequented by more than 70% of all eligible voters and thus had to be kept open for an additional 5 hours. It seems that when the counting started at 9 pm CET or midnight… (more…)


The Berlin Academy of Fine Arts helds an exhibition of drawings on paper by Meir Hussein Mussavi. The exhibition opened with a vernisage on Friday, June 7th and welcomes visitors till Sunday, June 23rd 2013.  The Academy is located at Paris Square next to the Brandenburg gate. The exhibition flyer describes Mousavis abstract drawings as visual poetry. His oevre shows… (more…)

New Hope for a better Leadership in Iran

Yesterday, June 1st during a pre-election campaign of Hassan Rouhani, his mainly young supporters shouted “Honour to Mousavi, Wellcome to Rouhani”. The meeting took place in Tehran’s Jamaran district. Rouhani urged all his supporters to attend the presidental elections. He demands the release of all political prisoners and the end of the securitized atmosphere. He called for a free, prosperous… (more…)

What is heated up, must cool down

  Michael, you recently expressed some reluctance when I asked you if you will come to Stockholm for a conference.  In your reply to my letter you mentioned 2 possible occasions that would prompt you to visit Sweden. Apart from a ABBA reunion concert and you being nominated the Nobel prize, you left the 3rd option empty. I know your… (more…)