What is heated up, must cool down


Michael, you recently expressed some reluctance when I asked you if you will come to Stockholm for a conference.  In your reply to my letter you mentioned 2 possible occasions that would prompt you to visit Sweden. Apart from a ABBA reunion concert and you being nominated the Nobel prize, you left the 3rd option empty. I know your obsession with countries in political turmoil, and exactly this had happened during the last three weeks here around Stockholm. Some of the riots of youngsters, smashing cars on the streets, rampaging against the police and setting fire to schools and other public buildings started here in the suburbs, also in the district of Kista, were some friends and relatives are living. We were really scared, and now we are also concerned that the pictures of the burning cars and the broken shop windows might damage the reputation of Sweden abroad.

Take Care,



Dear Ghazal, I don’t think that these riots have any political base.  I think that the young folks that rampaged the streets were just set up by the cold and dim climate in Sweden. So they thought to set fire to cars and shops, only to warm up a bit and celebrate the start of summer.


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