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33rd aniversary of Tehran hostage crisis

No, the headline of this post does not mis-calculate the days of the year 1979. In my eyes, the hostage crisis in Tehran started on March 31st 1979, and not in November of the same year. Sure, Wikipedia and history textbooks will consider the occupation of the US embassy as THE Tehran hostage crisis, and this event indeed took place… (more…)

Jane Eyre’s nocturnal escape inspired Kate Bush

Ghazal, my Dear, do you remember the chapter 28 of Jane Eyre, where she runs away from the wedding and has to sleep outside in the forest in absolute loneliness and despair?   A really horrible situation, right ? I red recently that one of the great pop singers of the 80s/90s, Kate Bush, was very much influenced by this scene,… (more…)

When an irrational power reaches for hellfire

While Israel prime minister Netanjahu warns the Iranian regime of a military strike against their nuclear facilities, Trita Parsi, head of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) explains the background motivation of the mullahs attitude to gain full access to nuclear technology. But his interview with the US late night comedy “Daily Show” appears more as a promotional event for… (more…)