Jane Eyre’s nocturnal escape inspired Kate Bush

Ghazal, my Dear, do you remember the chapter 28 of Jane Eyre, where she runs away from the wedding and has to sleep outside in the forest in absolute loneliness and despair?   A really horrible situation, right ?
I red recently that one of the great pop singers of the 80s/90s, Kate Bush, was very much influenced by this scene, and two of her most famous songs, “Wuthering Heights” and “Running up that hill” are about this .


3 Responses to Jane Eyre’s nocturnal escape inspired Kate Bush

  1. Love the website. I’ve bookmarked your site in my bookmarks to read this weekend. Thanks again!

  2. Beltway Greg says:

    If anyone had any brains at all they would’ve incorporated Kate Bush’s music into the Twilight Series.
    Perhaps they should’ve written Kate into the movie.

    Kate is immortal and a goddess. Accept her as such.

  3. admin says:

    I agree, Kate Bush is one of the most unique and gifted talents in pop music. It is too bad she don’t give any concerts any more. But her music has some eternal values. I haven’t seen the twilight movies, but saw Kristen Stewart in another movie and somehow could imagine that Kate Bush’s songs would go very well for a movie featuring Stewart.

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