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EVIN: A hotel named after a concentration camp

Hi Michael, When somebody through facebook forwarded this sequence of nocturnal images from Teheran to me, I was almost prompted to ask if this is really the same place one knows from the news headlines of protests or from Ahadis movie “Green Wave”. Suddenly, it look more like a tourist promo for Beirut. Even during my last visit to Teheran… (more…)

Human Rights Award for Iranian Blogger

Shiva Nazar Ahari , iranian blogger and political activist, received the Theodor-Haecker-Award for her courageous fight for human rights in Iran. In her blogs Azad Zan and Committee of Human Rights Reporters Mrs. Ahari makes public the violence of the IRI authorities against the iranian people. From her own experiences, she describes the physical and mental oppression at Evin prison.… (more…)

A Night Walk at Full Moon

Hi Michael, I just arrived at home, after driving my friends home. Very tired. I sweared to myself I wont do this any more. You know what happened ? In the middle of the night, more than a kilometer away from home, my car stoped without any obvious reasons (Except for a loud noise that came from somewhere under it).… (more…)

Salman Rushdie about Chernobyl

Dear michael, Finally, I gave the talk about my MSc thesis today here in the institute, and as you expected, people were much more interested to discuss the implications of the Fukushima accident (which of course also has to do with radio-iodine) than the genetic studies I did last year in Munich. I doubt if people could really estimate what… (more…)

ELIZA – The Intelligent Answering Machine

Dear Michael, sometimes I wonder if we don”t trust too much in the electronic communication, when one person writes some words to another person thousands of km away, and these words are converted into a sequence of bits and rush through computer chips and are converted into electric pulses or light waves, send back and forth to satellites until they… (more…)

Schah-Nameh. Heroic Times.

EXHIBITION IN BERLIN PRESENTS FERDOUSIS “BOOK OF THE KINGS” (opened till June18th 2011) In 2010 the world celebrated the tenth centenary of the completion of the Persian “Book of Kings”. Composed of more than 50,000 rhyming couplets, the “Shah-Nameh” is one of the greatest epics in the history of world literature. It is approximately twice as long as Homer”s epics… (more…)

Why the Fukushima nuclear disaster is good for nature

It is always worth to follow Monthy Pythons advise and ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE, even in case of an accident that univocally is considered a major disaster for the civilized world and in Japan the biggest catastrophy since their defeat in WW2. At least here in Germany, the most prominent critics of nuclear energy are the… (more…)

This Taste of Honey – ذوق عسل

Dear Michael, I send you a link to a very nice song. I found it today while browsing through Shava”s records (real old vinyl-type ones). It is by Esther Ofarim, an israelian singer who was very popular in Iran before “79. During the time of the last Shah the cultural and political relations between Iran and Israel were very intense… (more…)