A Night Walk at Full Moon

Hi Michael,

I just arrived at home, after driving my friends home. Very tired. I sweared to myself I wont do this any more. You know what happened ? In the middle of the night, more than a kilometer away from home, my car stoped without any obvious reasons (Except for a loud noise that came from somewhere under it). Hey, what is this with your german cars? It is a Benz (o.k., not very young any more), how can it just let me stand alone on the road in the middle of the night ? The disgusting thing was that my mobile also was low on battery, so can you imagine I had to walk home at 2 o”clock a.m.?
My only rescue was the bright, full moon. It was so strong, that I could always see my moon-shadow.

Hope you are fine, sleep well.


Ghazal my Dear,

Poor you, must be a frightening experience to walk home in the middle of the night. I guess it was not the kind of walk that you liked so much here in Munich, where you had your thoughts flow and your vitamine D pool recharged in the sun. I have to estimate, if and how much moon-light is sufficient to synthesize it. But I guess it has no UV-A, what do you think ? By the way, wouldn”t it be an interesting project to study photobiology in cells using only moon-light ?
So you worked as a driver again. I suspect people exploit too much your refusal to drink alcohol at the party, and at the end invite you as their driver.
The moon was visible here as well. If you can, make a photo of your moon shaddow.
The one below I did in our garden.

Take Care, my Cat on the Moon,

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