Antropogenic cosmic debris

Ten years ago, when I started this blog, one of the most extraordinary nights was between 11th and 12th of August, when I was in the company of an Iranian girl and watching for the shooting stars (properly called: The Persides Meteor Shower). Since 5 month already, I was in a state of deep emotional disorientation, and the night when we spotted some of the nicest meteor flashes let me believ for a few hours that my desires towards Asal could have get some support from higher up. At least heaven had send us some really beautiful shooting stars, one of them had its trajectory directly towards us (i.e. it did not seem to fly traversely, but head on to Munich, producing an apparently not moving, but only brightly glowing and rapidly quenching spot rigth in the constellation of Perseus).


View to the night sky in August, to find the Perseus constellation from where the Persides appeares to originate.

Tonight and 10 years later, the night was warm and the sky cloudless, so I sat in the garden and tried to spot the Persides again. During 20 minutes, I saw four quite impressive ones. But at the same time, I saw 6 slowly moving objects in the sky, that displayed continously shining tiny points and which moved slowly via one third of the sky. I think that these have been man made satellites of the Star-Link projects (by Elon Musk).


A picture of Tübingen town hall at night (long exposure). The dotted line on the dark sky (in the center of the picture) is a swarm of the Star-Link satellites (visible to the naked eye)


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