Monthly Archives: November 2012

A fine gentleman …

Dear Ghazal, If you ever heard Jimmy Hendrix giving an interview, you would not believe it is the same person as playing here “Hey Joe”, about coldblooded shooting down his Lady for adultery. In the interviews, Jimmy Hendrix appears as the most careful, educated, polite person you can imagine, even showing some shyness. Unlike contemporary musicians, he alwas tried to… (more…)

Where has my blood gone ?

Ghazal my Dear, Two month ago, in September 2012 Israel seemed to be the most relaxed and calm country one could imagine. Except for very rare security checks at the entrances of large shopping malls, concert halls or the Jad Vashem museum, there were hardly any signs of the immanent threat of violent attacks. As travelers we were more concerned… (more…)

Deja vu

I’m wondering how everything would change, if I could really see you every day, like it was two years ago. If we could go out for a walk through Pompej every night, Or sit next to each other in every new movie that comes to the cinema. If we could climb up to the TV tower not only once, but… (more…)

Pompeji – You only live twice

Hi Michael, Our walk through the ruins of Pompej during the Vietri-sul-Mare meeting, that finally had us loosing our way at night, and “being rescued” by this old Italian gentleman who gave us this very special guided tour with a torch-lamp, let me speculate if this glamourous roman population that lived there untill the year 79 ever had a second… (more…)