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Persian Cat rules its Empire from the Back of a Horse

Dear Michael, While I have been away in the lab,  Shava must have found a link to your blog.  When she red the short profile of, she first thought that your blog is all about child stories (o.k., I have to tell you that sometimes even your posts appear a bit fairy-tale kids-style to me !!). Anyhow, Shava was… (more…)

First system developed to assess living conditions on other planets

Hi Michael, You recommended last year to escape onto this newly discovered exo-planet Giese…, which is 20 light-years away from earth. I told you I can not leave Stockholm , cause my family needs me here and I am busy with my PhD project. But today I red something in the newspaper, what might make your invitation more realistic: Some… (more…)

UN makes a spelling mistake over Cyrus Cylinder

In 1971 the Princess of Iran Ashraf Pahlavi, sister of Shah Reza Pahlevi, presented the United Nations Secretary General U Thant with a replica of Cyrus Cylinder. This archeologic artefact stems from the 6th century BC and was excavated in 1879 by Hormuzd Rassam, an Iranian-British archeologist. On the clay cylinder a declaration is written in Akkadian cuneiform script, guaranteeing equal… (more…)

Fighting christian dominance on Blogger”s blogosphere

Where have all these babtists, evangelicals and other “born-again christian” morons learned how to write a blog ????  Is it only me who feels like sitting in the wrong movie (as we germans like to say), because always when I click the Next Blog command in the header row of my own Broken-Radius I got the impression to be thrown… (more…)

Why a great Swedish author can not get the Nobel prize

Dear Michael, Do you remember that you promised me last year that I will become famous for the translation I did of this essay by Lars Gustafsson, about the Berlin Wall ? You told me that Gustafsson will probably receive one of the next Nobel prizes for literature. I had to remember your prognosis today, when on my walk through… (more…)

A reason to get excited: 19 year old plays Hendrix

Hi Ghazal, you told me recently that none of the people of your generation would be impressed by Jimmy Hendrix guitar music. I would say it is just a matter of tasting it. How can you judge something, if you have never tried it ? o.k., the few songs you were listening to from my car stereo might have been… (more…)