A reason to get excited: 19 year old plays Hendrix

Hi Ghazal, you told me recently that none of the people of your generation would be impressed by Jimmy Hendrix guitar music. I would say it is just a matter of tasting it. How can you judge something, if you have never tried it ? o.k., the few songs you were listening to from my car stereo might have been hampered by the poor sound quality. But have a look how a girl who is now 19 plays Hendrix style guitar herself. Desiree Bassett learned her first guitar rifs at the age of five from her father. Now she frequently rocks the Boston area with cover versions of Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and van Halen songs.

She was born 25 years after Jimmy Hendrix’ death, but look how she can revitalize his guitar spirit.

I hope it is no big deal for her to learn how to play it with a slightly slower pace, she seems to be in a rush at least at this concert. What I find amazing is to see that you don’t have to play left-handed like Mr. Hendrix to get the “All along the Watchtower” right.

Enjoy, Take Care

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