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Non, je ne regrette rien

Ghazal my Dear, Do you think my french is o.k. for a week ? “Au Revoir”, please tell me what it means. Is it like the german “Auf Wiedersehen” or like the english “Farewell” ? You probably know, cause you are the expert ! And of course I also like “Je ne regrette rien”. I doubt that the Cote de… (more…)

For Ghazal, the Scientist and for Ghazal, the Angel

Ghazal my Dear, Are you still awake ? Do you have another conflict with some insects ? I”ll drive by the guesthouse, and if there is still light behind your window, I call from downstairs. If not, I”ll go back. M. …………………………………………………………………………………… Ghazal my Dear, I whished we could stay there sitting and chatting untill the moon disappears in the… (more…)

Champaign Dreams

I dreamed, that reason and truth might rule the world instead of religions and self-installed gods, and that the later are kept under glass in museums. And in my dreams there was no place any more for saints and gods, who use to judge man as heretics or as immoral. I dreamed, that mankind will live free from hate against… (more…)

Beach without you

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, I hope you are doing well and feel o.k. Is it quiet now in the Lab ? Usually this is the best time to concentrate on the project. I hope so much that you find some intellectual satisfaction with the project and not have to consider it as a hard burden and a duty to fulfill.… (more…)

Breakfast at Tiffany”s

Ghazal my Dear, It was funny to hear that your parents used the phrase “Breakfast at Tiffany”s” to express some special moments that they somehow did not wanted to further explaine to their kids. The movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”s” , probabaly much more than the original book by Truman Capote, really became a cult movie, although I have to admit… (more…)

Spot the Stjaernfallen next week

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Don”t know were you spend the evening tonight, but I”d like to remind you of the Perseiden Stjaernfallen that are most prominent these days. I think to watch them is also a good remedy for the sadness that one usually gets before beloved people leave. Since the next two days might be quite cloudy, I think… (more…)

What a great song

Dear Ghazal, Sorry for bothering you once again. Its not nice, I know, I”m sure you want to spend the last evening with your family without beeing disturbed by this silly guy from the institute. So you don” t have to read this, maybe just keep it for later. I was listening to the radio-station that you have shown me… (more…)

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in our philosophy ++++ (Hamlet)

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Don”t know why I used the above “Subject” for this e-mail, but I guess Shakespeare fits equally well for many different occasions. We gave B. today another 72 (!!!) tailtips to extract DNA from, to be used for fine-mapping. But as we discussed last week, you only have to genotype for the two flanking markers. Then… (more…)

Quantum Entanglement, Dogs and the Problem of Longitude

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you didn” got lost on your Random Walk (swedish “Slump Promenade”) through the Olympia shopping mall. The swedish “Slump” (for Randomness) is really a very, very strange word, isn”t it. And in research, randomness is always what we like to minimize because it tends to obscure our observations, which we would like so much to… (more…)

Back to the Scrap-Yard

Ghazal, my Dear, After dropping you at the Guesthouse today, I was quarreling once again with myself for having missed the opportunity to kiss you. It was silly, I know, in particular after I made this terrible observation at a scrap-yard for cars. There I found the remnants of a red Toyota Corolla, that had its upper part shaved away… (more…)