There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in our philosophy ++++ (Hamlet)

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,

Don”t know why I used the above “Subject” for this e-mail, but I guess Shakespeare fits equally well for many different occasions.
We gave B. today another 72 (!!!) tailtips to extract DNA from, to be used for fine-mapping. But as we discussed last week, you only have to genotype for the two flanking markers. Then it is enough to continue with the few (I estimate between 10 and 15) which have cross-over in this intervall, and use only for those the additional markers in between.
Don”t know why I”m so technical, guess you find this not very friendly. I should rather ask how you are doing, but I guess this is self-explained.

Ghazal you know, when you are away for a longer time I”m always worried that you wont come back at all. Therefore I so much depend on you sending some words or thoughts in the evening.

Hope we see you soon back.

Today I. wrote that she changed her flight, will only arrive on Wednesday. So you can carry on with the “Kuddkrig” and with “Bed-Jumping” (Please make a video of this, we can later upload it to Youtube and send a link to I :-)

Sleep well, dream well, relax


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