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An angel asked me for a letter of endorsement

No doubt Christmas time is on the verge again, and with it come this very weird species of christmas angels. They are populating the highstreets, department stores and all the media, and depending on where in the world one goes, they are called either kid Jesus Christ (Christkindl), Snowflake (Snegotchka) or End-of-Years-Winged-Puppet (Jahresabschluss-Fluegelpuppe). But recently I received a personal message… (more…)

Where has my blood gone ?

Ghazal my Dear, Two month ago, in September 2012 Israel seemed to be the most relaxed and calm country one could imagine. Except for very rare security checks at the entrances of large shopping malls, concert halls or the Jad Vashem museum, there were hardly any signs of the immanent threat of violent attacks. As travelers we were more concerned… (more…)

If our earth is going to disappear, I hope it happens as slowly as in the movie MELANCHOLIA

Hi Michael, not sure if I shall recommend you to see that new movie by Lars v. Trier “MELANCHOLIA”. It started in Sweden already in May, but I did not had time before to go. It has some very beautiful scenes, in particular at the very beginning. It shows some moments in the life of the main character (Justine, played… (more…)

The death of a Diva and of 69 teenagers

What an awful weekend !  A right-wing maniac kills 69 teenager in a norwegian youth-camp, and a soul-diva gives away her life in London.  Why nobody was around to stop this nazi murder on his way to the youth camp ? And why there was nobody to tell you, Amy, that you were perhaps the greatest voice in music and… (more…)

Darbareye Ely

hi michael, I did not knew before that UV-light is also essential for our body to produce vitamine D. Interesting aspect, I have to include this into my PhD-project. So maybe after UV-exposure my TK60 cells are really better of, cause they finally get some vitamine D after spending weeks in the dark incubator ? And what do you say… (more…)

Sentenced to death for adultery – the cruel face of iranian justice

Hi Ghazal, Thanks for writing about the case of Mrs. Sakine Ashtiani in Teheran and the threat of her beeing killed by stoning. I did not knew about her, but what you wrote is shocking. I don”t know what is worth, shooting people at the Berlin Wall or killing an innocent woman by stoning (and having this “officialy” approved by… (more…)

Our short and precious life

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Don”t want to disturbe you, my Dear, I guess you are busy. You said on our way to the guesthouse, that you were not satisfied with your results today, and that mine were looking better. This, Ghazal was a sheer chance event. What is important, that on the long run we are doing well together. You… (more…)