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Sade in Munich (prenatal)

Hi Michael, I have recently been back to Munich for a conference. It was a pity we did not met there. But guess what, on my flight from Stockholm we had these on-seat entertainment systems. I was browsing through the music-clips, and found one by Sade. It reminded me of her songs that we were listening together in your car… (more…)

SADE – world tour 2011

Ghazal Dear, I think I was waiting for this event since 25 years. It was in 1986 that somebody working in a Leipzig record shop gave me the first SADE record, “Diamond Live” as a birthday present. It was one of the few musics from the west that by some reason made their way into the east-german shops (in very… (more…)

Soldier of Love

Hi michael, In case you want to listen to some great music, have a look at this collection of Sade”s greatest hits (you can click each of them and listen the full length title – if you don”t stop, it even plays the entire album). And there is a video of her performing for her newest album. Its unbelievable, she… (more…)

Night Mail

Hi Ghazal my dear, Thanks for the messsage, it really enlightened this dark and grey evening for me. To be honest, if I read your words, no matter what they say, it seems I can hear your voice, and this is more than the pure exchange of information. Also, when you write that music by Sade suits your taste best,… (more…)

Asa, Sade and McLaughlin, de Lucia, Al di Meola

Hi! The music you gave me was not the type of music i usually listen to. Friday night in san francisco…. it was only intruments??right? I have never heard it before. Asa and Sade. I liked Sade more. Some of Sades songs i liked actually. they were calm and nice. so i guess hmm.. that sade is from the new… (more…)

Eternal Music

Hi Ghazal, Did you enjoyed the music that I gave you ? I don”t know if it matches your taste. The “Friday Night in San Francisco” concert was recorded in 1983, and was very popular than and still is considered a mile-stone in popular music, although it is rarely played nowadays in radio. But I think when you were born,… (more…)