Night Mail

Hi Ghazal my dear,
Thanks for the messsage, it really enlightened this dark and grey evening for me. To be honest, if I read your words, no matter what they say, it seems I can hear your voice, and this is more than the pure exchange of information.
Also, when you write that music by Sade suits your taste best, I”m really happy knowing one thing more that you like (in addition to IKEAs Pizza and Hot Chocolate). But in general, I find it really difficult to guess what you dream of. I hope not of a royal marriage the kind we will soon see in Stockholm between a princess and a fitness-coach. You probably don”t have to worrie a lot about dreams, because you live in a quite safe situation, with parents caring for you, a boy-friend who loves you and your whole life being still open. Therefore, there is in fact no need to torture yourself with dreams, most of which will either never come true or take to long to become real, and you better think about what makes you happy today.
About the music: your guess who is the older and who the young of the two singers was not right, sorry. Sade had her big times in the 80s, her first record “Diamond Life” was released 1984, about the same time when Michael Jackson started his carrier. And this album was also sold in license in east-germany, and I was very lucky to get one and heard it day and night in my students appartment. The songs I put on the CD, however, are from her recent 2010 album “Soldier of Love”. If one compares songs from these two records, which are separated by about 25 years, they both sound very similar and still very appealing.

It is already late again, and I will stop now.

Have a good night, see you tomorrow


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