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The incredible Moon

Ghazal Dear, did you ever wondered why so many people are fascinated by the moon, which in fact has much less an impact on our physical life than the sun? Is it only its position close to the earth and the notion that the movement of the moon is completely depending on the existence of earth? Since unlike the sun,… (more…)

Island in the Stream

  Ghazal my Dear, do you recall this place ? It was dark at night two years ago, and we had a camp fire there, and the river had less water, so we could enter what now looks like an island. You tough me the arts of flipping flat pebbles over the water surface, and when we went home later… (more…)

Natural Confusion

Ghazal my dear, I hope you don”t mind me adding to our long lasting conversation and exchange of ideas some external thoughts. A witty blogger at Iranian.com (called ComraidsConcubine) posted this dialogue and therefore in a most intelligent way paraphrased the wide-spread ignorance about nations and cultures. If you want to read more of Comraids Concubine thoughts, go to her… (more…)

A Night Walk at Full Moon

Hi Michael, I just arrived at home, after driving my friends home. Very tired. I sweared to myself I wont do this any more. You know what happened ? In the middle of the night, more than a kilometer away from home, my car stoped without any obvious reasons (Except for a loud noise that came from somewhere under it).… (more…)

Relax with the kinetic sculpture

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Reading you last e-mails I got the impression that you are most excited if I send you links to some “moving pictures” (the origin of the word MOVIE, as you perhaps know). The german translation is KINO, which comes from french CINEMATOGRAPH, meaning “moving or kinetic image” and what gave rise to the english CINEMA. Why… (more…)

The Velocity of Time (and how we experience it)

Hi michael, okay, so 4 institutes will go together and become the department of radiation research? which institutes are these? the movie that you mentioned i have never seen before. Gustafsson is a very common name.  time pass to fast, unbelivable. just enjoying the free days that i have left. hope time goes slow!  hope you had a good weekend. /ghazal  …………………………………………………………………………………………………. Hi… (more…)

A Joint Meteor Party

Hi Ghazal my Dear, You recently raised the issue of spotting simultaneously the same meteor from your place in Stockholm and from here in Munich. It appears it is not as simple as you thought, since you cannot compare it with the moon, sun or stars that, if they are high enough always look the same from here and from… (more…)

Spot the Stjaernfallen next week

Hi Ghazal my Dear, Don”t know were you spend the evening tonight, but I”d like to remind you of the Perseiden Stjaernfallen that are most prominent these days. I think to watch them is also a good remedy for the sadness that one usually gets before beloved people leave. Since the next two days might be quite cloudy, I think… (more…)

Quantum Entanglement, Dogs and the Problem of Longitude

Hi Ghazal, my Dear, Hope you didn” got lost on your Random Walk (swedish “Slump Promenade”) through the Olympia shopping mall. The swedish “Slump” (for Randomness) is really a very, very strange word, isn”t it. And in research, randomness is always what we like to minimize because it tends to obscure our observations, which we would like so much to… (more…)