Monthly Archives: April 2014

BMW Urban Safari edition

If a Persian Cat could choose a car, no doubt it would opt for the one with the blue-white chess-board logo. The Bemweh (Persian for BMW, as I recently learned here) is for some reason highly estimated in present Iran. And this new, yet unreleased special edition of the Munich luxus car maker would most likely attract the persian cats… (more…)

One day out of 32872 days

Woke up at 6:50 Prepared avocado-egg-salad, half of it eat on black bread, half I left for Marischa Watched 15 minutes morning news, about the dreadful stupid fights between Ukrainian military and Russian separatist Went out with Ivo for a 15 minutes morning walk, realized that it is pretty cold but sunny Gave food to Ivo Jumped on the bike… (more…)

Echoes of Addiction

With words like a virgin vine, you wettened my dust covered lips, to make me speak again, using words taken right out of your mouth I asked for more of this magic elexier, which you browed in a room of your own, And when I was drunken from all these words, in a glimpse of a second your gentle fingers… (more…)