For Ghazal, the Scientist and for Ghazal, the Angel

Ghazal my Dear,

Are you still awake ? Do you have another conflict with some insects ?
I”ll drive by the guesthouse, and if there is still light behind your window, I call from downstairs. If not, I”ll go back.


Ghazal my Dear,

I whished we could stay there sitting and chatting untill the moon disappears in the morning. O.k., the following day in the lab would be a bit sleepy and dizzy,
but I would be happy. You see you experienced your first night out there in the wild, and no spiders, no bat no vampires or rapists. The world is sometimes much more comfortable and fazinating and lovely than our fears tell us.

Your hair has a tantalising smell. It was most difficult for me to tear away from it.

Have a good night, sleep well, dream about a journey to the moon, but my usuall plea: Please come back.

I like you so much, Ghazal for you stating “I don”t regret anything”. If you are still awake, listen please to Edit Piaf.


MichaelThe night I can"t remember is the night I can"t forget

Ghazal my Dear, now I try for the third time to write you a mail. Two hours ago, the Helmholtz mail server died, than I started to write the same mail on my privat mail-server, which suddenly also kicked me out and I lost 2 pages of text for you.Therefore, I now send you something short:I had this awfull job in the afternoon and evening to recover all personal date from my broken PC. These data were manuscripts, reports, science reviews, sequences, protocolls, gel-images, fotos of tumor and millions of other stuff I collected from my work during the last 12 years. And what I realized at the end: 99% of it is useless and wont be interesting for anybody any more. Isn”t this frustrating, how much we work what later got lost or what we later don”t want to read any more our self? In contrast to this, each time I read the text of the Persian-Cat blog, it makes me happy and excited and satisfied. As compared to all the million files on my computer disk, the Persian Cat blog is so samll in size. But every word, every sentence is great, is relevant, as meaningful. And it will always be like this, I think not only you and me will always like to read this record of a wonderful summer and this funny exhange of thoughts between the two of us. I guess if other people read this, either now or 100 years later, they also will considers this great and important and simply human. Don”t worry, Ghazal, about what I wrote above regarding that work in science, and that it can sometimes appear useless to us. It is just a temporal feeling, and we all live in science for the very few moments when we make a great discovery and are Nobel-award candidates.You are still at the very beginning of your career, and I will do everything to encourage you to carry on. Because scientist can be one of the most satisfying and exciting jobs. But there always might be moments of frustration, and for these it is good if you have other areas of your soul that do not depend so much on how the gouvernment or the society or the boss or your colleagues judge your work, but a field that gives you power and satisfaction by itself. You have your beloved family, your movies and persian music, that will always help you to keep the head above. I “have” you, who just with a few words and a smile can compensate for a lot of hussle here at work (and of course I have other things, like music and books, that also help me to stay alive).What else shall I say?
Be strong, stay as lovely as you are, enjoy every day and every night and meet me at your deams.


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