A day in life

Dear Michael,
from the few movie DVDs that you gave me last year in Munich, there were some that may have left a long-lasting impression. For instance “2001 – A space odyssee” and of course “Brackfast at Tiffanys”. If I would have to write a list of movies that are unforgetable for me, these two might be on it. And also the Iranian movie “Zanan-e bedun-e mardan” (Woman without men) by Shirin Nesha, which we saw in the Theatiner cinema. It occupies a firm position on my list, although it might be a very personal opinion.

Yesterday I saw a short film in Swedish TV, which is without any speech, only pictures and sound. But it says everything, does not need an explanation. It is about a young man, homeless, who by watching through a shop window some video-sentences is forced to remember his former life with a happy family. Needless to say, that the family broke up, and what is left over is just despair. But there could be a happy end (which I like so much), when his daughter and his former wife meet him on his rough sleeping site on the streets and re-unite with him.
The movie is called MOMENTOS.
Enjoy, Take Care

MOMENTOS from Nuno Rocha on Vimeo.

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