Norooz Full Moon

Dear Ghazal,

Thanks a lot for writing right away. The parcel was supposed to be a gift for Norooz, one of the “Haft Seen” you described in your Norooz-presentation.
For some reason, DHL could not deliver the parcel to your address (Sturgrand 7, 16199 Enskedebergen). I think that DHL is stupid,
or maybe I put a wrong label on the parcel ? Don”t know. In fact when I first got the message from DHL that they could not deliver,
I thought that you refused to take it. I thought “Ey Vay, maybe she has been afraid that the parcel might contain bad memories.”
But it does not, Ghazal, I promise you. It contains something nice, I”m sure you will like.
It is just a pitty it wont be in-time for Norooz any more, cause it is perhaps already on its way back to Germany now.
As soon as it is here, I”m going to send it again. Do you think it is safer to send it to your institutes address ?

I hope you have a nice time with your family and friends. I wish that the whole new year is full of happiness and success and emotional peace for you. I wish that you find satisfaction and excitement with your PhD project.
Don”t bother too much how other people see you, try to stay strong and confident with your own wishes.

There was a full-moon tonight again, and I managed to catch him while he tried to hide behind the samovar.


hi michael,

the address is correct, so i really dont know whats wrong. but it is fine. thank you anyway.

my phd project is good. alot to do. not enough energy sometimes. but i try. tomorrow i have a presentation of my masterproject from munich. hope it will go well, it will be a bit hard since genetic is a hard subject for people that are not familiar with it. i just have a silly question, for the quantitative analysis. why did we use primers located between exons? how many did we use for each gene?

the “full-moon” looks more like the flash from your camera?


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