Self-reflecting letter and the potential of Woodoo

Hi Ghazal,

Do you enjoy the time at home ? What a question, of course you do.
Today is the first day that the rain stoped here in Munich. I think that there is just no water left in the atmosphere, it is probably dried out now and we might see the rest of the summer only dry earth and yellow gras. Hard to say, what is worse. Again, people were mainly watching football today in the coffee-room, somebody lost, somebody won, don”t ask me who and why and how. I think it all has to do with african Woodoo. Ghazal, I miss a lot the talks with you which are always inspiring and refreshing. How boring is football compared to this. Even writing just a few sentences to you gives me back the mental energy I loos when I hear the football noise.

Yesterday I went once again through the translation that you did from Gustafssons essay on Berlin, and I like it more and more. Do you mind, if I send it to Gustafsson to include it on his blog ? I would further translate from your english variant into a german text. There are always translations that readers of the blog did. I guess they have to be authorized by Gustafsson himself, in the worst case he might do some final corrections. Sorry, I forgot that you don”t care so much about books and written stuff, but I promise you, Ghazal, when Gustafsson will finally get the Nobel Prize in Stockholm at the Swedish Academy, your family and your friends will be extremely proud of you for beeing an approved translator. Come on, don”t tell me that you still don”t care. We are always seeking for fame, what is absolutely human, because we are social beeings to a larger or to lesser degree. Only an autistic person does not care about fame.

I”m afraid the longer messages I write you the less you are inspired to answer to them. I guess if you would say now “No e-mails any more, please. I just closed my Hotmail acount”, I would probably continue to write them just for my own reflections. It is the only moment during the day when I find some rest and can escape from the helter-skelter going on around me. I think everybody needs somebody to address its thoughts to. Some people probably still belief that they can talk to god, what is for me no option and I guess even the most religious people hardly can remember to have ever recieved an answer from god. You are sending an answer at least sometime, what is already much better. And sometimes you are even physically present to talk to.

Enjoy the evening

Yours Michael

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