Unicorn and the blue-eyed camel

10 min after midnight he could not wait any longer for the long over-due end-of-the-day message from her. He left the house, the family, the dog and the garden behind and drove to her, ignoring most of the red traffic-lights and speed limits. After a 15 min race from the very east to the very north of this town, a drive that normally would take an hour, he felt absolutely confident that she was waiting for him. And in fact, hers was the only window in the apartment house that was open and with the lights still on. Therefore, after calling her name twice from downstairs, she appeared behind the curtain, first as a shadow but soon clearly shown dressed in white cotton and satin, holding a telefon. And almost as children would do when one stands downstairs on the ground and the other leans out of his window upstairs, she asked probably the most typical question for a child “Shall I come down ?”. Apparently, the telefon call in the middle of the night was not so important for her, since first think she did was to press the Hang-Up button, before putting her beige trench-coat over the white shirt. Now he could see for the first time where her grandmom had stitched the rip in the coat. It was indeed done was great skills, and already now he should have understand how intense the relations between her and her family must have been, and that his rather spiritual feeling of love could hardly ever compete with this.

When he drove back, it must have happend at the narrow part of the road, where again like several times before, the young light-grey foal was standing. He had completely forgotten than he was not riding the bike tonight, which would have allowed an easy to maneuvering around the foal, but that now he was driving a car that was almost as wide as the entire road. The high speed for sure would have made a rapid break useless, so instinctively he turn the wheel to the left and ended at the corner-wall of the villages cemetry. Without the seat-belts on, he must have immediately crashed his head into the wind-screen. That was at least what the police wrote in their report. He woke up 6 weeks later in an intensive care station for coma-patients. After the first few days of this new life passed by with doctors doing tests all over his brain and body, a police inspector appeared for a few questions. The inspector wrote down what the man recalled about the accident, but strange enough, he insisted it was not a light-grey foal of the horse-farm that made him crashing into the cemetries wall, but that a white unicorn was galopping in front of him. Several times the inspector questioned this, and in particular after he visited the location himself came along with the idea that I might have been misled by a horse from the nearby ranch. After refusing any such suggestions, they next send a psychologist and neurologist, first to collect hundreds of questions about his mental state and potential excessive-phantasies, for which they apologized saying they have seen a dramatic rise of halluzinations in this hot summer 2010. After finding out that he was exceptionally realistic and rejected any idea of an extrasensual world, and that he even reacted angry when they asked him about his spiritual experience with the holy god, they also called a neurologist. His job was to find out if and to what degree the man had experiences with halluzinogenic drugs. Of course the doctor was sure that the man was a blunt liar insisting, that he never in life had tried any drugs, because he could get high immediately by either listening to Jimmi Hendrix, or by diving deep into science, or by spending some hours with a girl. The neurologist confirmed him, that there are indeed people (unfortunately not many) that have a genetic “abnormality” in their serotonin and their dopamin regulation that enables them to get into euphoria by intentionally choosing one ore several intellectual stimuli.
And that this can happen by the obsession to adored person was not by chanced claimed again and again by singers from Frank Sinatra over Dalia Lavi and Hildegard Knef to youngsters like Jamie Cullum.
Dalia Lavi “Das haut mich nicht um”
Hildegard Knef “Das haut mich nicht um”
Frank Sinatra “I get a kick out of you”
Interested to know who or what in this special case might be the source of this conscious-driven endorphine release in the man, the neurologist insisted to stay until he has seen a picture of the girl. Since the mans hand were still severly impaired, he had to spell letter-by-letter the URL http:persian-cat.de, where behind a hidden link on the first blog-entry. the one describing the encounter of the two on the Zugspitz Glacier, line after line the girls face appeared on the screen. The neurologist, who had served as WHO aide in the first Gulf war and who was involved in a large survey studying the increase of neurological disorders among the iran civilians during this 10 year long conflict, was strucked when he saw her blue eyes. As part of his neorological survey on the war-affected iranian people he also measured the pupillary light reflex in perhaps more than 8000 patients of all ages, ethnicities and socio-eoconomic groups. He could recalled iris colours of all shades of brown, from an almost dark green over light-tea, yellow-brownish to and a deep, almost black colour. There where, however cases, in particular among the zoroastrian minority, which harboured a few light-blue segments among an otherwise brown iris. And when he asked these few patients if they new of close relatives with a similar pattern they denied this, explaining to him that this has nothing to do with family relationships, but with a legendary golden and blue-eyed camel-cow, on which their Prophet Zarathustra managed to escape the rising waters of the deluge. This deluge, accoring to the Epic of Gilgamesh, happend thousands of years before in the low-lands north of the Taurus Mountains, an area we now know as the black sea. According to legend of the Zoroastrians, the two, Zarathustra and the golden, blue-eyed camel were the only two survivors of the big flood, and consequently they gave rise to a new specie that soon populated large parts of the middle east from Aserbaidshan, through Persia up to the indian sub-continent. Over the generations and by mixing with other tribes and etnicities, the Zarathustrians inherited almost every gene variant that is common among the aryan people in Persia, except the few blue fibres that were sometimes still visible in their iris. And these few blue spots always reminded them on their unique origin and their historical relationship with the young camel-cow, who saved their prophet from drowning. As an ever-lasting promise to them, the legend predicted than once a young girl will be born, that unlike all other kids wont lose the blue colour of its iris. And this girl will unite the traditional wisdom of the Zoroastrian people with a modern and enlightend intelligence.
Could it be, that this young girl for whom millions of Zoroastrinas all over the world were waiting since thousands of year, had taken refuge just here somewhere in northern or middle european, maybe washed away by a deluge that happened in the 20th century and was not mythologic, but very real and that chased the persian nation away by an endless chain of military putsches, oeconomic exploitations by the US and british, the complete humiliation of freedom and humanity by the 1979 islamic revolution follow by attempted attacks by CIA and an 10 years long war with the neighboured Irak, to which the US had given their “Go” to Sadam Hussein.

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