Blogs I recommend to de-follow immediately

Hi Michael, You know my main access to the social media world is by Facebook. But through your blog and the various links on it, I also got used to read what people post on their own blogs. Some of them are really unique and inspiring, others are boring.

Therefore I set up my top 8 list of Blogs I used to de-follow sooner or later:

  • Blogs that talk about cooking and show endless rows of pictures with dishes, which would probably cause me nausea only by their smell . Because I know that most of them are inedible and I can cook better than 99% of people who write blogs about it.
  • Blogs which only write about traveling and show the 12.839.431st image of the Sangra Familia cathedral in Barcelona or  this special pub in Dublin.  Because if I want to see these places, I’ll go there by myself. And I think it is a sign of intellectual deficiency if people are not able to find inspiration to write a post while at home.
  • Blogs that intends to teach you how to do things right.  This is for sure one of the worst and proliferating pests not only on the book market, but in internet blogs as well.  They should be made legally responsible for anybody who is silly enough to follow them and fails.  Like financial advisers can be made liable if you lose an invesment by following their recommendations,  these “super-intelligent gurus” in the social media should be stoned in front of a public web-cam, each time  they publish another “8 ways to successfully change your leadership potential” or “12 questions one should never  ask his lover after a one night stand” etc etc).    People who still follow posts like this or even link and further recommend such sites should not forget the following:  These “super-intelligent gurus” are not inventing their 100% success proven recommendations out of pure altruism.  They make money with it, and this just goes by increasing web-traffic and placing ad-banners somewhere on their pages.  In fact, they don’t give a damn on any problem you want to solve.
  • Blogs which are set-up by girls and boys to present their latest fashion purchases. If I want to see something really inspiring in this sense, I better follow the bill-boards of Desigual or H&M along my daily bicycle ride to work.       
  • Blogs which are set up by girls to present their latest attempts as make-up artists and describe in detail how much work it is and how much it costs at the cosmetics store to look really overpainted, rediculous and awful.
  • Blogs which cite the daily news and add their own short comment in a style as “I hate this man” or “Funny new information” or “I was not aware of this”. The plain news is usually informative enough without your extra phrase.
  • Blog which attempt to spread religious or national surpremacy, whether it is on a christian, muslim or buddhist background. Honestly, sometimes I enjoy such blogs for some minutes, for the absurdity that really makes me laughter.  But in general, I think for any people who don’t have my senseof humour, such religious blogs are doing more harm than fun.
  • Blogs which want me to belief that a particular national minority would do much better after achieving independence, and that they would do even better after gaining indenpendence if they could expel any other minority, or at least deprive them of their equal rights. Sorry for all bloggers from Catalunia, telling me again and again how superior their province is compared to the rest of spain, sorry also for bloggers from Croatia describing how much more civilized and culturally developed they are as compared to the other Balkan countries (sorry, but you are still a Balkan country), sorry also for the Walloon and Flemish blogs proposing independence, but not a single word of excuse for de-following any Hungarian nationalistic blog. They should simply be blocked from any web-presence. I know that you fit much better into the European Front of National Freedom Fighters than in the internet.

I hope that this very decisive list that is now posted here does not qualifies your blog itself for category 3 (“list for things I recommend to do”)

Take good care


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