Competing for stupidity

Here we have the two finalists of a competition that went largely unnoticed in the west. No, I am not talking about the super-bowl of American Football, I am talking about a competition that has less media coverage and which I call “The World got hypocrisis”:

Two of the most hypocrite characters that came into political power by highjacking the will of their people and right away installed political oppression, intellectual intollerance, Sharia law and a complete neglectance of human rights and democratic values are obviously trying to get surpremacy as leaders of the islamic world. Morsi and Achmadenijad represent the two largest directions of moslem faith: Shia and Sunni.
Accordingly, in their competition for the world record of political stupidity are a set of different disciplines, like “Lying to the people without turning red and without growing a long nose”, “Economical Jeorpady”, “Oppression of Womans Right”. But the most important test for maximal stupidity is the disciplin “Anti-Semitism and Hostility to Israel”: Whereas Achmadenijad insist that he’s got evidence that a Holocaust never took place, Morsi gave to protocol that he believes that jews are descendents of pigs. Both of these ideas indeed rank highest on the scale of stupidity and hypocrisis, and justify that Morsi and Achmadenijad reach the final round of this competition righteous.

If there is anything like a devine power (for what I never found any indication), call it Allah or God, than I hope it will, as a referee disqualify both of them and send them home to do some charity work in their countries.

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